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Our vision is to be the globally preferred partner for manufacturing Electrical Windings, Machining Parts, Magnetic Heads, Cables and Wire Harnesses, and Assembly Work, recognized for the integrity of our people, the ethics of our business practices, and the quality of our products.

Mission Statement

Through the Employees of MHTB, a team of dedicated individuals with a true passion for production, we are committed to implementing and maintaining best practice production methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies to constantly meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations.

We enthusiastically dedicate ourselves to the successful fulfillment of this mission through deploying responsible business practices and accepting individual responsibility for quality, speed, cost, and people.

Culture and Values

Our values are the foundation of our culture. It shapes us into who we are, how we operate, and how we interact with others.

• Trust each other
• Respect each other
• Be open and honest in all our dealings
• Take ownership and have pride in our work
• Do what you say
Living these core values is what makes us an exceptional team!

Quality Policy

At GMI-MHTB, we, the employees, are driven and committed to producing and delivering extremely high-quality products to our existing and growing customer base in an accurate, timely, and cost-efficient manner. We believe that our focus and dedication to the following principles are fundamental to our business success:

• Implement and maintain appropriate business management systems that help us add value at every step of the way. Constantly review and improve the effectiveness of these systems.
• Ensure that customer requirements and expectations, as well as local requirements and our own requirements are identified, understood, and communicated and that they are achieved.
• Establish a philosophy of continual improvement throughout our business processes to stimulate the betterment of our quality management system.
• Review our performance, and that of our suppliers, in line with agreed objectives and annual goals.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

At GMI-MHTB, we follow an integrated management system (IMS) through which we ensure human health, operational safety, environmental protection, and community goodwill. We are committed to continuously improving our IMS, reducing our EHS risks, and complying with all applicable EHS legal requirements, internal rules, and standards. Our commitment to EHS applies to everything we do with a special focus on:

• Ensuring and maintaining a high level of qualification of all employees and associates.
• Motivating our employees to play their part in ensuring “zero EHS incidents.” • Implement, operate, and maintain safe and adequate equipment, operational processes, and work areas.
• Еnsure that visitors and contractors onsite are protected at all times and comply with our EHS requirements.
• Promote the conservation of energy, prevention of pollution, and efficient use of natural resources.