• Headquartered in USA
  • Production subsidiary in EU (Bulgaria)
  • Global coverage with sales offices in USA and EU
  • 110+ employees, incl. 20 engineers
  • 10,000 m2 covered area (8 buildings)
  • ISO 9001:2015 and FDA certificates
  • Achilles Certificate of Registration – supplier # 205031
  • D&B D-U-N-S® Registered Business

We have acquired a total vertical production structure and are capable of manufacturing the entire process. These capabilities include:

  • Metal Machining
  • Vacuum heat treating process
  • Chemical etching
  • Fully equipped tool room
  • Plastic parts production
  • Windings & bobbins
  • Cables & wire harnesses
  • Air-conditioned assembly area
  • Chemical, measuring, and testing laboratories
  • and many more

Michigan Magnetics

1954 Michigan Magnetics, Inc. (USA) was organized, being known originally as Vermontville Magnetics

1962 MMI was acquired by VSI Corp. (USA)

1970 MMI was sold to Computer Electronics (USA), the latter closing its doors in 1971 and being sold to Mr. John French

1998 Mr. John French sold MMI to the present owner

MHT Bulgaria

1972 Magnetic Head Technologies (Bulgaria) was established as a state-owned company

1986 MHTB became part of ISOT State Association

1997 DRS Ahead Technology (USA) acquired the state-owned MHTB


2000 MMI acquired 100% of DRS Ahead Technology and moved the entire production to Bulgaria

2010 MMI moved its headquarters to Cincinnati, Ohio and changed its name to Global Manufacturing Industries (GMI)

2012 MHTB acquired Becher – a Bulgarian manufacturer of molds for plastic injection molding machines

2016 MHTB acquired Avel s.r.l. – an Italian manufacturer of enameled copper wire winding, coils and bobbins

  • To make, distribute and sell, throughout the world, the finest quality magnetic heads and other products, both related to and independent of the core line of magnetic heads, which is done in a wide variety of innovative and traditional specifications and configurations in such a way as to provide quality and value to our customers.
  • To operate the Company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, both internally and externally, increasing value for the shareholder(s), and creating opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.
  • To operate the Company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in the structure of society by innovative ways to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we reside.


The management of both GMI and MHTB gives top priority to keeping high quality standards in the overall business of the companies and is committed to a quality policy based on the following principles:

  • Working towards meeting the high demands and expectations of clients and market, as well as striving to continually improve the effectiveness of the corporate quality management system;
  • Quality comes as a result of the joint efforts of all employees in doing their daily activities, starting from receiving the client’s order, going through R&D of the product, manufacturing process, executing final quality control and checks, and ending with final dispatch of the ready products;
  • Management of quality is linked to continuous improvement in all areas of the work process under strict compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Making the necessary efforts to implement the quality policy at all organizational levels and encouraging all employees to improve quality in their job;
  • Creating and maintaining partnership relations with suppliers and involving them in cooperation to fulfilling the principles of the corporate quality policy;
  • For the implementation of the present quality policy the company has applied a system of quality management in accordance with International Standard ISO Standard 9001: 2015 which guarantees for efficient operations and processes through continuous improvement;
  • Quality Management System requirements are specified in the employee’s manual and explained in various quality procedures and technical documentation and are mandatory for all employees. Management at different corporate levels have authority and responsibility for the implementation of these requirements into the corresponding fields of activity;
  • Quality goals and objectives are approved for all major units within the company and are periodically reviewed for their execution.


ISO 9001:2015


FDA Certificate


Our services include sub-assembly through final build. The following provides a partial list of our capabilities:

Flat Finishing 600 x 300 x 300 (mm) travel length

450 x 300 x 300 (mm) travel length

400 x 250 x 250 (mm) travel length

1000 x 360 x 460 (mm) travel length

Grinding 500 x 300 x 300 (mm)
Milling 400 x 350 x 350 (mm) travel length
1020 x 550 x 580 (mm) travel length
1200 x 700 x 700 (mm)travel length
550 x 410 x 460 (mm) travel length
1010 x 600 x 510 (mm) travel length
Turning up to 300 (mm) diameter
Stamping 40 ton
60 ton
Spot Welding 2 x 2 (mm)
3 x 3 (mm)
5 x 5 (mm)
Lapping 138 (mm) diameter
380 (mm) diameter
Chemical Etching 500 x 500 (mm)
Injection Molds 80 tons, parts up to 100 grams
130 tons, parts up to 130 grams
Metal Heat Treating up to 25 kg, maximum of 300 x 400 (mm) sheets
Winding 8 032 AWG individual wire harness assembly
Multi spindle high-speedAutomated winding machines -1,6,12 spindle
Single spindle automatic machines for self-bonding copper wire production
Cable 8 AWG 8 -32 AWG multi conductor cable assembly
Automated Stripping & Cutting Machine
Spark Erosion 350 x 250 x 300 (mm) travel length
Wire Erosion 500 x 350 x 256 (mm) travel length